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Pregnancy and stress

Pregnancy and early parenthood is an amazing time. However, it can be hard work even when everything is going well. Parenting can be a challenge, and this is particularly the case when there are other stresses in your life such as: 

Domestic violence or emotional abuse
Depression, anxiety or other mental health issues
Financial worries
Having no family or friends close by to help
Sexual abuse (including sexual abuse in your past)

It is important to remember that you are not alone and that there are many services to help and support you. Don’t be afraid to talk to your midwife or doctor about these or any other problems or concerns.

Some women have had experiences in the past such as sexual abuse which can cause difficulties for them in pregnancy and birth. A hospital social worker or counsellor may be able to help you plan ways to cope with this. They can listen to your concerns and talk with you about some of the things other women have found helpful in their birth plans.

9 Amazing methods to boost your self-confident

9 Amazing methods to boost your self-confident

No one can deny that self-confidence is a very important quality to achieve success in life. In every person who has reached a certain point in life, you will see this quality, whether it is a film star, a cricketer, a person in your neighborhood or a teacher who teaches you. Confidence is one of the qualities that happens in everyone, someone in less and more in someone. But it is necessary to increase your present level of confidence to a new and improved level. And today I will share with you some similar things that can be helpful in increasing your self-confidence..
1. Improve Dressing sense
How are you dress-up, its effect depends on your confidence. Let me tell you that here I am talking about common people like myself, great men like Mahatma Gandhi and Swami Vivekanand have nothing to do with this and if you come into this category then you too.

I myself felt like this, when I am in my best attire, then my confidence increases automat…

What is Unicode ? Computer Language

You may know that the computer can not understand different languages ​​like us. It can only understand binary numbers (0 and 1). So whatever letters we type are converted into 0 and 1 only then the computer understands them. The rules for determining which number will be used for which of the words are determined by various character-set or encoding systems. 

For every words and character they determine a number and store it. Before the invention of Unicode, there were hundreds of signaling systems for giving such numbers. There is not enough letter in any one sign. For example, the European Union alone needs different signaling scripts to store the letters of all their languages. Even for a language like English, the same signature was not enough for all the letters, punctuation, and technical symbols of general use.

There is no symmetry between these signature scripts. That is why, two signal scripts can use the same number for two different letters, or use different numbers for the …

EU has penalized GOOGLE $ 2.7 billion for violating antitrust rules

EU has penalized GOOGLE $ 2.7 billion for violating antitrust rules

On Tuesday, the European Union (EU) has imposed a maximum penalty of $ 2.7 billion on Google. Google has been penalized for violating antitrust rules by misusing their monopoly in the search field.

The investigation lasted seven years has found that Google has preferred its shopping websites despite having a higher price than other websites in search results on their search engine.

The European Commission issued a statement saying, "Google has violated anti-monopolistic regulations by giving preferential treatment to its other products as the largest search engine in the market."

Margaret Westger, in-charge of the commissioner of European Commission and the Competition Policies, issued a statement and said, "What Google has done is illegal under EU anti-competitive rules. Google prevented other companies from competing on the basis of quality and new ones. The most important thing is that Google hindered Eu…

After GST these 5 things will definitely change

Today (30.06.2017) GST will be implemented across the country at 12 o'clock. As soon as the GST is implemented, it will be affected immediately in 5 big locations from midnight, these are five locations, restaurants, taxi, airport, hotel, and online shopping.

1. Restaurant bill after 12 o'clockIf you have made a bill, then you will be in profit because it will be taxed less than 0.5%. Understand this, before GST, you have to pay a tax of Rs 185 @ 18.5% on the food bill of 1000 rupees, which means that you have to pay Rs 1185, but after GST, you will get 180 rupees tax, from which you will pay a bill of 1180 rupees That would be saving five rupees. Although the service charge will look the same as before.

2. Taxi billsIf you book Ola, Uber or other such cab service after 12 o'clock in the night, then GST will be beneficial for you. Before the GST, you had a tax of 24 rupees for 6 % on a bill of 400 rupees, i.e. 424 rupees, but after midnight, 5% of rupees will be taxed by 20 …

Tips to make money from FACEBOOK

How to earn money from FACEBOOK, facebook se kaise paisa kamaye..?

In this category of MONEY, we are going to talk about the world's most popular social media Facebook Earning Technique. It is true that not only in India but in most parts of the world, Facebook is used by its friends, colleagues, family members. It is done to know the activities and to ask for their efficient work. The above mentioned work can be done by Facebook, along with many such responses, we can also do from Facebook.

The origin of Facebook was to give all humanity a different platform on the Internet, so that people can be able to give their skills, photos, videos etc. in any corner of the country, with friends, family and colleagues.

But there is also a truth that where the crowd increases, business opportunities are born automatically, there is something like this in the internet world, as soon as Facebook got popular among people, The opportunity of business in this platform were increasing today, through …

How to download article as EBOOK or PDF from Wikipedia ?

Wikipedia is a familiar name in the Internet world. Such a wonderful treasure of information is not second one.
Now you will be able to save its articles more efficiently because now you are also getting the facility to download the articles as an EBOOK or PDF in the website itself.

It is very easy to use, you can read the article and click on the 'print / export' section, then you will see options to create an EBOOK or PDF.

Now suppose you want to download an article as a PDF, click on the 'print / export' option.

Then click on Download as PDF. Now you will be on a new page where your PDF will be prepared, 

It only takes a while and as soon as your file is ready you will see the option of Download the file.

Send upto 10GB files through GMAIL

As the speed of internet is increasing over time, the number of emails sent by email is also increasing. In such a situation, there is a lot of problem in sending a large file of email to e-mail and other options were to be searched.

But now because EMAIL largest service provider, GMAIL, is offering a service through Google Drive to send you email attachments of up to 10 GB.

Yes, for that you need to use Gmail's new pop-up compose box for information about this new pop-up compose box.
Now compile email in Gmail with new ways

Once you reach the new compose box, click on "+" in the toolbar below, you will see the new option of Insert File Using Drive

Something a bit like this.

By clicking on this button you can send up to a maximum of 10 GB of file by mail.
Note that the larger the file will take as much time to upload.

The next time you need to send a large file via email, you will not need to go somewhere other than Gmail.

New Better Way to Backup your Blogs

Google has released a new service without any noise, which is meant to keep its Google account data backed up for Google users and its name is Google TakeOut.

In it you'll find Google's Google + 1s, Blogger, Buzz, Contacts, Drive, Google+ Circles, Google+ Stream, Pages, Picasa Web Albums. In the Profile, Reader, Voice, YouTube services, you can get the data of one or all of your choice together.

But this is more useful for bloggers, now we have the facility of backing up a blog in the blogger blog, just go to the blog and click on Settings> Other> Export Blog to back up your blog.

But with this new feature, you can back up all the blogs in a Google Account together as a low size Atom file.

Let's see how to back up your blog via this feature
First of all you have a Google TakeOut site

You need to log in with your Blogger ID and now you will see a list of all the services under the All Of your Data tab (see main image), if you want to get dat…

Top 3 website where you can download free software

However, there is a website on the Internet that provides you free software, but today I want to get three such websites from where you can download the free software (Freeware, Shareware) easily.

FILEHIPPO it is one of the most popular websites where most software is downloaded.

In this single website you will find all the major Freeware whether it is anti virus or any media player
The best thing about this website is that here software is classified in different categories, so that you can easily get the software you need.


These websites will look like copy of FILEHIPPO which is also this but you will see a difference in it, on its main page, you will see just the stable version of all the software, if you do not have information about beta version. It would be better that you download the software from this website.

Another major difference between this and FILEHIPPO is that the links to this website are not resumable i.e. you can not …

Know when your computer ON and OFF

Well maybe you do not need it, but if your computer is used by people other than you, then this could be a better option for keeping an eye on your computer.

TurnedOnTimesView, a small software that will tell you when your computer has started or restarted, and if your computer has ever stopped or restarted for some technical reasons, you will also get the information in this tool. If you wish you can also secure complete information in HTML, TXT, XML, CSV file format.

This is a portable tool so do not just need to install it, unzip it and start 

Now Google will help you find the lost phone

If you want easily track your phone if it lost or if you want to know the status of your loved one, then your Android phone and Google can help you in it.
For this you will need the Google login id and password of that android phone.
The name of this new feature is Android Device Manager and with this new update your mobile phone becomes active
Here's your website

Go to Google Phone with your phone and then you have three main features.

1. Location:
In this you can know where your mobile phone is currently in, but to use this feature correctly it is necessary that the internet is working on your phone and if the GPS is started for more precise information then better Will remain
2. Ring:
This will ring your phone for 5 minutes or until the power button is pressed, it will be helpful to get lost or stolen phones.
3. Erase Device:
If you can not get your phone even after using the above mentioned facilities, this feature will be useful for you, s…

How to download APK file from Google Play

Android phones are now the most popular and one of the main reasons for this is to become Apps for them.
These apps can be found mainly from Google's Play Store, but here you will find a website where you can download the app APK files on your computer.

These apps can be installed on your phone at your convenience later. You can also use it as a backup, that is, you can download and install those apps that you need less and keep them in your phone's memory / memory card whenever you need them, then install them and then uninstall it.

Now let's download an app
First go to the Google Play Store website.

Now search the app of your choice here (eg: Temple run )
Now click on the app of your choice in the list of results

You will now be on the webpage of that app
Here you have to copy the address of this webpage from your browser address bar
As well as here
Copy it

Now go tohttps://app…

When to do sex to get pregnant ?

You must know your Menstrual Cycle or MC before knowing the right time for sex to be pregnant. Commonly speaking, many people call it Monthly Cycle / period , but the correct word is, menstrual cycle.
Usually MC is 28 days or 4 weeks, but in many women it may be less or more than that.
What is the normal range of MC duration?
In adults, MC may be between 21 and 35 days.This can be from 21 to 45 days in teens (13 to 19 years of age).
Actually, the duration of MC may increase due to changes in the hormones inside you. If your MC is not in this range then you should meet a Gynecologist.
I do not know the duration of my menstrual cycle, what do I do?
If you do not know this then you will have to study for a few months how often your periods occur. Your MC begins on the first day of your period and it lasts 1 day before your next period begins.
For example:

If the first day of anybody's period is: 6 March
And the first day of its next period is: 9 April
So MC's first day happened on March 6 …



Nowadays, the youth of our country wants to do their own business instead of working for someone else. But most youth have a financial shortage, so they start thinking that they will never be able to do business themselves. There are more people like those young people who think that they need a lot of investment to start their own business.

But this is not true at all. There are many businesses that can be started with low investment and these are all Long-Term-Business. The specialty of these business is that they can also do students, young people and housewives.

It may be that some people think that Small Business can be created with these Business Ideas that we should understand that if these small Business Ideas are done differently, then in the making of crores of companies from a small business Do not take time. And the biggest example of this is Dhirubhai Ambani, who started his entrepreneurship life by selling it in the village fair.

Technologies That Will Change the World

The world is changing fast. The changes that have not taken place in 100 years have changed in the last 20 years and the changes that have not happened in the last 20 years will change more in 7-8 years. And this is the only reason - "Technology"

The fastest change in today's time, it has never happened before. In our today's post, we are going to tell you about some of the new technologies that can change our life completely. Let's know about some of the unimaginable technologies -
3D Painting

3D printing is one of the most spectacular new technologies of the present day. The 3D printer prints our digital design into solid real-product .

The 3D Printer will bring unimaginable changes in the world in the future, because it will be used in almost every field of our life. So far 3D printing has been used to make products from cycling, airplane parts, toys, metal items, food products, human organ, house and many other things.

This technology is constantly evolving and in…

The Amazing Thing Which You Do Now About Your Computer

The Amazing Thing Which You Do Now About Your Computer
1. Mouse wheel one third button
The mouse wheel works like a third button. Clicking the mouse wheel on any link opens the webpage directly in a new tab. When the mouse wheel is clicked on any open tab, the tab closes.
2. To select big text simultaneously
To select large text in any text editor, click one at the beginning of the text, and then press Shift and click once at the end. This allows text to be easily selected.
3. Less quality of video displayed on YouTube
We can also reduce its loading time. And the video can look a bit better or a bit worse. The better the quality will be, the more time it takes to load. The quality of the video is written as a number in the lower right part of the player and can be changed by clicking on the same place. These numbers are as follows: 240p, 360p, 720p, 1080p etc. The larger the number of the good quality.
4. Need to defragment hard disk
While working for a long time, the files written on the har…

All About Female CONDOM, Amazing Facts

It is not necessary for males to always use condoms during the relation, while females can also use female condoms. There are often some questions in women's mind about female condoms, there are some doubts. In this article we will tell you the important things related to female condoms. How should this condom be used and how it should not be used.

When making a relation, either male or female should use a condom. Because use of both male and female condoms together is possibility to break the condoms.
Female condom is also a normal condom, the only difference is that females condom is only for female.
Female condom is a long polyurethane bag. Female condom is flexible with both edges. Female condoms are already lubricated. Because if your vagina is dry, So after using this condom you will not have pain.
Female condom should be carefully opened and then properly inserted into the vagina. Initially, the use of female condoms is difficult. But using it seems easy to use.
Flexible ring is…

Dimag Tej Kaise Kare ?

Dimag kaise tez kre ?, Dimag tej kaise kare ?, Dimag tej kare ? kya aapne kabhi in sawalo ke jawab janane ki kosis ki hai ? Aaj ke samay me har koi study ya job ke field me aage nikalne ke liye tej dimag chahta hai. Sayad aap bhi yahi chahte hai. Aap ki ii chahat ko pura karne ke liye aaj hum dimag (mind) tej karne ke tarike batane ja rahe hai jo bhut hi aasan or interesting hai.
Dimag Tez Kaise Kare ?
Daily Exercise Kare
Aap ne aksar suna hoga ki ek tej dimag ek healthy shrir me niwas karta hai or ye bilkul sahi bhi hai. Agar aapko apna dimag tej karna hai to roj exercise karni suru kar de. Starting me thodi problem hogi isliye aap pehle easy wale exercise kare fir dhire-dhire isay badhaye. Ek time aisa aayega ki exercise karne me aapko maja aane lagega. Jiski wajah se aapke health me improvement hoga or aapka dimag bhi tej hoga.
Dusari Language Sikhe
Research se pata chala hai ki nayi bhasha sikhne se hamare dimag ki shakti badh jati hai kyonki hum apne vicharo ko prakat karne ka ek dusa…

Computer Hanging Problem Kyun Hoti Hai ?

[caption id="attachment_23274" align="aligncenter" width="275"] Computer Hanging Problem Kyun Hoti Hai ?[/caption]

Jab computer hang hota hai to kai sawal dimag me aate hai jaise - computer hang ho raha hai kya karu ... computer hanging problem ? computer hang meaning ? , Computer/laptop hanging problem me computer/laptop achanak chalte-chalte ruk jata hai. Ya fir starting me  WINDOW ruk jati hai. Computer ke hang hone ke kai reason ho sakte hai. Aapko ye pata karna hoga ki computer ke hang hone ka major reason kya hai...

Computer Hang Kyoun Hote Hai ?
Computer Me Virus Hona
Virus hone par computer BIOS me to hang nahi hoga lekin WINDOW start-up ke doran ya fir WINDOW ke puri tarah open hone ke bad hoga. Kisi file ko open karne par computer hang ho ya fir computer kafi slow kaam kare to iska matlab hai ki computer me virus hai uske liye aap koi bhi acchi antivirus se pure system ko scan kare.

Hard Drive
Hard disk me agar bad sector hai tab bhi computer me hangi…

Virus Kya Hota Hai ? Isay Kaise Apne Computer Se Bachaye ?

[caption id="attachment_23271" align="aligncenter" width="196"] Virus Kya Hota Hai ? Isay Kaise Apne Computer Se Bachaye ?[/caption]
virus kya hai hindi me? virus kya hota hai ?
Jis tarah hamare shrir me virus hota hai jo hume bimar karta hai or hamare immune system par negative impact dalta hai , usi tarah se computer ke liye design kiye gaye wo software jo computer ke kaam ko slow karte hai or isay computer ki functions ko galat tarike se effect karne ke liye banaya gaya hota hai usay hum virus kahte hai . Ye virus bhi baki ke software ki tarh hi hota hai. Ye ek aisa program hota hai jo khud ko copy karta hai or usi ke jariye ek se dusare computer me fail jata hai.  Jyadatar virus pen drive ke jariye falte hai jo ek se dusare computer me jyada use kiye jate hai.

Virus Ke Kitne Type Hote hai ? virus ke prakar.. types of computer virus in hindi
Malware -
Malware or virus dono alag-alag chij hai. Malware ek word hai jo virus ke prakar ko define karte hai. Malwa…

Chawal ke pani ke fayde in Hindi

Chawal Ke Pani Se Chehra Or Baal Dhone Ke Fayde
chawal ke pani ka upyog or chawal ke pani ke fayde in hindi

Ubale Chawal Ke pani yani maad health ke liye kitna faydemand hai ye to aap janti hongi. Lekin kya aap janti hai ki ye pani health ke jitna faydemand hai utna hi twacha ke liye gunkari bhi hai. Ji haan ye aapki khubsurati me char chand laga sakta hai.

Skin ke dekhbhal ke liye gharelu upyog pa prayog karne walo ko pake chawal ke pani se bahut fayda ho sakta hai. Chawal ke pani ka istemal twacha ki dekhbhal ke liye bhi kiya ja sakta hai. Saptah me ek bar is gharelu upay ka istemal karne se beauty se judi kai problem ka ilaj aasani se ho jata hai.

[caption id="attachment_23232" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Chawal Ke Pani Se Chehra Or Baal Dhone Ke Fayde[/caption]
Chawal ka pani Kyoun hai faydemand ?
Chawal ke pani me available protein, vitamin or antioxidant ki sufficient quentity hoti hai jiske karan  skin me moisture barkarar rahti hai. Iske use se sk…

Bahubali The Beginning Ke Bahtarin Dialogues

Bahubali The Beginning Ke Bahtarin Dailogues

तू मेरे पापों का प्राश्चित चाहता है 
तो मेरे प्राण ले ले 
लेकिन .... इस बच्चे को जीवनदान दे दे 
जो इसकी प्रतीक्षा कर रही है उस माँ के लिए इसे जीना होगा 
महेश्मती सिंघाशन के लिए इसको जीना होगा 
महेंद्र बाहुबली को जीना होगा 
Bahubali The Beginning Ke Bahtarin Dialogues

वो नेक दिल है 
वो चाहे तो हमारी सहायता कर सकते हैं
लेकिन ..... करेंगे नहीं 
कट्टपा सिंघासन के गुलाम है 

वचन देने वाले दुनिया में नहीं रहे 
लेकिन उनका वचन आज भी है असलम जी 
ये मिट्टी का ढेर , अब इस मिट्टी की अमानत है..

[caption id="attachment_23210" align="aligncenter" width="771"]Bahubaliiiiiiiiiii.........[/caption]

आज मेरी माँ की आँखों में ममता की जगह हमदर्दी क्यों ?
ये लोग जिनसे मैं अंजान हूँ , मैं इनका भगवान कैसे बन गया ?
जिस माँ को मैंने कभी देखा भी नहीं , उसके घाव देखकर ... मेरी आँखों में आंसू क्यों आ जाये ?
क्यों ?
मैं हूँ कौन ?